Bala Perdida Night Club

Project Details


Club & Bar Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Hotel Investment Partners and El Equipo Creativo

Project Title:

Bala Perdida Night Club

Project Location:

Madrid, Spain

Design Practice Location:

Barcelona, Spain

The Axel Hotel Madrid, an 88 room four-star hotel and located in a historic building in Madrid’s city centre. It is the first hotel in the city to fully position itself as an LGBT hotel, considered ‘Hetero-friendly’. For this project there were two main design premises. On the one hand the singularity of the existing space, with two subterranean dark vaults built in brick, as antique caves or cellars. On the other hand, the proposed venue, a night club that should have the versatility to work as a snack and cocktail bar, where a fast mutation would happen at some point of the night. This need for transformation and a kind of clandestine atmosphere conjured up the idea of a space where magic and the optical illusions abound. Mirrors were placed on both ends of each vault, producing an optical illusion known as the ‘endless mirror’. When facing two mirrors, the reflection of one on the other makes the reflected image, the image of the vault, become infinite. These effects make the vaults turn into endless tunnels. Another highlight is the changing lighting. Therefore, being light and colour are protagonists to the project.