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China Nanshan Real Estate The Scenery Poetry


Property Development Asia Pacific Finalist

Design Practice:

G&K Architecture Design

Project Title:

China Nanshan Real Estate The Scenery Poetry

Project Location:

Jiangsu, China

Design Practice Location:

Shanghai, China

G&K designed a sales office for China Nanshan Real Estate The Scenery Poetry. The client wanted to create a high-end hotel-style living aesthetics in the project. The sales office needed to inject artistic vitality and water elements in the design, which is the main feature of the city of Suzhou. It serves as a property sand table displaying reception and negotiation, showing the artistic conception of light luxury and elegant living and highlighting the water landscape of Suzhou. As the first impression of the whole property, the sales centre is in line with the city’s humanities and project design concept, and it intends to outline a new space spirit of tranquillity, calmness, confidence and elegance. Through utilising the full sense of design in the space, the place gets rid of the pure sales centre function. It combines art and spiritual conception to interpret a new hotel-style aesthetics.

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Attend the SBID International Design Awards 2020 ceremony at Grosvenor House, Park Lane

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