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CN Tower Retail Shop


Retail Design Finalist

Design Practice:


Project Title:

CN Tower Retail Shop

Project Location:

Ontario, Canada

Design Practice Location:

Ontario, Canada

The CN Tower Retail Shop is located in the base of one of the world’s highest free-standing structures where each year over 2 million people visit, as a symbol of pride for Canadians. This awe-inspiring architectural wonder invites visitors to explore a multi-sensory environment infused with iconic symbols Canada’s iconography and typography. From first approach up the triple storey mezzanine space into entrance ramp, visitors get a glimpse of the energetic ‘Northern Lights-inspired’ sculptural LED-lighting display, suspended above the retail environment below. The installation is ever-changing and thematically programmable in-house, reminiscent of the Tower’s exterior lighting system, designed for night time illumination that honours the legacy of this national icon and landmark.

Attend the Awards

Attend the SBID International Design Awards 2020 ceremony at Grosvenor House, Park Lane

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