Consumers Cooperative Credit Union Headquarters

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Office Design Finalist

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Consumers Cooperative Credit Union Headquarters

Project Location:

Kalamazoo, United States

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Chicago, United States

Consumers Credit Union commissioned a three-storey, 92,000-square-foot headquarters with an outdoors-in, transparent office floor plate that supports their character of wellness and sustainability. Consumers’ West Michigan legacy reinforced HOK’s commitment to sourcing products locally. Selected from Herman Miller, Steelcase and Haworth, all established in the area, the furnishings provide a unified community context that subtly harkens to the ingenuity of manufacturing key to the region’s original growth. Careful acoustic design accomplishes the call to mitigate highway noise, while an open south façade maximises daylighting and sightlines. A collaborative staircase in the atrium of the headquarters acts as a symbol of wellness by encouraging activity.

HOK’s interiors strategy spurs employees into collaborative conversation and creativity-boosting strolls between floors in rich textures of light. Movement through the headquarters creates a sensation of walking through a sun-dappled forest, enhanced by the benefits of an understated interior design, optimised for occupant health.