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Winners Announced:
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CRCC Binjiang Mountain Villa Sales Center


Property Development Asia Pacific Finalist

Design Practice:

Matrix Design

Project Title:

CRCC Binjiang Mountain Villa Sales Center

Project Location:

Zhejiang, China

Design Practice Location:

Guangdong, China

Mogan Mountain, a branch of Tianmu Mountain, gained its fame by a Chinese historic story about a General in Spring and Autumn period named Moye who casted swords here. It is one of the four famous summer resorts and a modern villa centre because of its unique natural scenery and resources. CRCC and Binjiang Property selected this site as a new way to have a conversation with Mogan Mountain. The project aims to build a Zen style resort villa for the pursuit of more comfortable mountain life.

The key design point of “mountain residence” focuses on “mountain”, which means to show the space like it grows out of mountain spring and bamboo forest. Soft wood colour is the dominant tone as wood is the synonym of natural economy. The Mogan Mountain Shan Yu project brings the atmosphere of bamboo forest in to show the original ecology of natural scenes.

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