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DeVere Tortworth Court Hotel


CGI & Visualisation Winner

Design Practice:

Virtual Resolution

Project Title:

DeVere Tortworth Court Hotel

Project Location:

Bristol, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Tortworth Court is an elegant and sophisticated hotel surrounded by enchanting scenery that dates back to the 11th century. Over the past 12 months the hotel, situated just outside Bristol, has undergone a lavish refurbishment as part of the DeVere property refurbishment programme. Virtual Resolution has been working alongside DeVere’s design/development teams to visualise the proposals for four projects: Tortworth Court, Wokefield Estate, Latimer Estate and Wotton House. Tortworth Court was particularly challenging due to the listed nature of parts of the building: the complex ceilings, bookcases and fireplaces required detailed modelling. The CGIs and 360-degree views created within 3ds Max, Vray and Adobe Photoshop have been used not only to inform guests of the redevelopment, but also assist the design team and management in specifying fittings and fixtures that will enhance this beautiful building.


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