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Echigo TOKImeki Resort SETSUGEKKA


Public Space Design Winner

Design Practice:


Project Title:

Echigo TOKImeki Resort SETSUGEKKA

Project Location:

Niigata Prefecture, Japan

Design Practice Location:

Tokyo, Japan

Japan-based ICHIBANSEN has unveiled a local sightseeing train, the Echigo Tokimeki Resort Setsugekka. The train consists of just two carriages and has 45 seats in its stylish interior. On board, the walls have been replaced with huge windows that give passengers great views of the ocean and mountains as they travel. The train begins its journey in the western part of Niigata Prefecture and, in order to be a new symbol of the area, its body is coloured vermillion to complement the surrounding landscape. Continuing the regional theme, all the furniture and walls have been constructed from local natural wood, while meals are served with locally made sake. Passengers enjoy a relaxing journey with wonderful views of the local scenery thanks to the largest train window in Japan. This train is one of the most exciting developments in the region and sets the pace for regional design innovation.

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