ER Clubhouse

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CGI & Visualisation Finalist

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ER Clubhouse

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Riga, Latvia

Neoklasika has designed a welcoming entry lobby and hallways for a 12-apartment residential building located 100 metres from the sandy coastline of the Baltic Sea. Enclosed by the pine forest, the glass facade of the building lets nature flow in through the windows. The elegant proportions, nuanced colour palette and natural materials give the gallery-like interior a timeless touch. Passing through the lobby the Art-Déco-inspired leather furniture is reminiscent of seashells washed up on the shore. The lobby will work as an in-house library and host temporary art exhibitions and installations to give a dynamic atmosphere. The 3D model includes full interior visualisation of three floors and the surrounding landscape. The masterful and accurate representation of the interior project and the visualisation of the lighting scenography in both day and night-time views invites the viewer to imagine the future lobby in great detail.