Forbes Style

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Project Details


Office Design Finalist

Design Practice:

V. Concept Design Studio

Project Title:

Forbes Style

Project Location:

Kiev, Ukraine

Design Practice Location:

Kiev, Ukraine

The Forbes Style office project is primarily about multi-functionality and informality of the interior design in which the philosophy of the company and the corporate culture is embedded in every detail. The team of designers compiled a list of masculine objects to create the right atmosphere. Solid leather sofas and comfortable heavy chairs were introduced into a lounge area characterising a powerful man’s spirit. The Big Ben replica in the office represents a symbol of ‘clockwork’ teamwork. The space also includes a barometer and compasses reminding of the ultimate guidelines and targets. The team has carried out a project including the design of a conference hall, private offices, reception desk, dining area, showroom and WC facilities. The office area is subdivided into two working spaces for top- and middle-management separately, while the rest of the area includes lounge rooms, meeting rooms and a showroom.