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Gemdale Fenghua International Sales Center NanJing


Development Sales Centre Winner

Design Practice:

Matrix Design

Project Title:

Gemdale Fenghua International Sales Center NanJing

Project Location:

Jiangsu, China

Design Practice Location:

Guangdong, China

Gemdale Fenghua International Sales

In this project, elements of traditional culture imbue the contemporary space with historical elegance. Horticultural scenes depicted in streamlined, curved lines transform the space into a fairyland. The neat sequences of stone wall stitching and carefully planned lighting combines with a calm domed roof and warm lights to evokes a strong sense of luxury. Geometric shapes, such as the square caisson ceiling, are powerful and energetic. The floating, flowing structure is like a ladder directly extending to the dome, while decorations like book pages sway in the air. It feels like the pathway of a time traveller, taking the viewer into a timeless space. White is the dominant colour. There seem to be no boundaries when walking inside this space, which brings a brand new approach to aesthetics.

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