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Gold & Black Kitchen


KBB Design Winner

Design Practice:

Diane Berry Kitchens

Project Title:

Gold & Black Kitchen

Project Location:

Sussex, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

Prestwich, United Kingdom

Gold & Black Kitchen

This luxurious kitchen is a family space that is also ideal for entertaining. The L-shaped island is made of golden glass and granite. It takes centre stage against a stunning backdrop of black glass units that blend perfectly with appliances and Sub-Zero fridges, which have been bespoke sprayed to harmonise beautifully, framed with golden glass. Stepped down on one end of the island is a table in the same granite that gives great views to the garden; the support for the granite is angled subtly to match the detail on the island ends. Tall windows have infinity worktops meeting the very edge of the frame so the garden and room blend seamlessly. There’s also a cosy TV area, a walk-in pantry and cocktail unit.

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