Grade II Listed Apartment

Project Details


KBB Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Lauren Nicholas Kitchen Design

Project Title:

Grade II Listed Apartment

Project Location:

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

London, United Kingdom

This is luxury, functional and unique kitchen installation for cooking and entertaining. With many details to overcome, such as supporting pillars, boilers within the space and washing appliances, the client wanted to make sure these items disappeared. The stunning Handle less 30 was chosen for its sleek use of mitring and crisp worksurface detail; both the 28mm door and 50mm thick worksurface are cut back at 30 degrees to create the handle less profile. The use of natural stones and a hand-finished bronze lacquer gives an opulence to the project, without being brash. A contrasting marble table was chosen in conjunction with the interior designer’s wall artwork, creating a homogenous environment. Delicate open shelving was brought into the design to ensure the client could bring their personality to the installation.