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Office Design Finalist

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Birmingham, United Kingdom

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London, United Kingdom

Award-winning design-and-build company Oktra wanted to do one thing for their fitness apparel client, Gymshark – to create one of the best offices in the world. Gymshark wanted a collaborative space with Instagrammable moments and an outstanding design.

From amphitheatre bleachers to product testing rooms, to a nutritionally controlled catering facility, Gymshark’s DNA is embedded in every element of the design. The space allows Gymshark to choose how, when and where they work by offering a range of working settings. Each area is designed for a different type of task and centres on enhancing wellbeing.

The building is the first office space in the UK with a human-centric smart lighting system. The prime feature is a 30-metre-wide Gymshark logo in the courtyard area. It can be viewed on Google Earth and acts as an additional outdoor seating area for the company.