Harriet and Thomas’s Family Kitchen

Project Details


KBB Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Diane Berry Kitchens

Project Title:

Harriet and Thomas’s Family Kitchen

Project Location:

Cheshire, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

Manchester, United Kingdom

Diane Berry was invited to transform a family kitchen, however the final project resulted in the relocation of the kitchen to an entirely different room in the house. This stunning kitchen is full of simple solutions: the ceiling design aids the feeling of height in this very low space; padded wallpaper helps with the acoustics; hidden worktops keep the kitchen tidy and two styles of dining areas suit all occasions. Storage and surfaces are plentiful plus the heat-proof surfaces are a dream solution for a busy family. The super-sized island houses the sink and hob then flows down to a family table and a social bar. The designer also introduced a double-sided glass fire to add cosy luxury to the space. Materials that add reflection and height include a touch of oak to link the windows and staircase.