Home-Ho Case Art District

Project Details


Office Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Cyril Architectural Design

Project Title:

Home-Ho Case Art District

Project Location:

Guangzhou, China

Design Practice Location:

Shenzhen, China

The brief was to create a smart, avant-garde office space with an artistic and fashionable atmosphere. The building is a triangular shape, with one edge extending along the street, and the remaining two edges running along the shaping of the perimeter building. The modelling of the entrance breaks out of the design of the building facades, bringing strong impact. Flowers and trees soften the hard texture of architecture, and this kind of contrast between the real and the imaginary also gives the architecture a layered effect. The building core and elastic design are big assets to the project long-term, such as the ventilation system, locally controllable heating and cooling system, as well as the supporting sub-structure for building the separation wall. All of these elements help to modify the space at any time and achieve sustainable design.