Hotel Alessandra

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Project Details


Hotel Public Space Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Rottet Studio

Project Title:

Hotel Alessandra

Project Location:

Houston, United States

Design Practice Location:

Houston, United States

Hotel Alessandra is personified as the eldest of three European-born sisters: glamorous, refined and well-travelled with an unmistakable sensuality and sense of style. Alessandra transplants old world luxury to blend seamlessly with Southern charm, sophistication and a business savvy mindset. She is both refined and feminine but with strength and verve in the same package. She combines the luxury, elegance and cultural influence of European lifestyle with the pioneering spirit of the Texas wildcatter to create a uniquely Houston hotel. Her Houston incarnation thrives as a transplant in a city that welcomes newcomers from every conceivable background with open arms and offers charming contrasts of polish and carefree eccentricity at every turn. It is a contemporary statement about the grandeur of arches, tall ceilings and architectural volumes.