Hotel Public Space at ME Sitges Terramar

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Hotel Public Space Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Hotel Investment Partners

Project Title:

Hotel Public Space at ME Sitges Terramar

Project Location:

Barcelona Spain

Design Practice Location:

Barcelona Spain

The brief has been fulfilled by using local craftsmanship throughout the interior spaces. Materials and techniques in the Mediterranean tradition are present in the original furniture and lighting that the studio has designed and had made specifically for the hotel. The unique pieces, made exclusively for the project, are a notable feature. Prototypes are crafted in the studio’s own atelier, and then local providers are sourced for production. Basketware, ceramic, macramé and terracotta are present in the decorative elements. These materials are connected to the traditional identity of the location and tailored to the modern values of the hotel group. A large number of pieces have been created, such as pillars covered in plaster or wicker elements, large rattan lamps, decorative plaster details, and room dividers made of traditional ceramic pieces that have been moulded to unusual organic forms.