J’s Bar Bistro

Project Details


Club & Bar Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Hirsch Bedner Associates Hong Kong

Project Title:

J’s Bar Bistro

Project Location:

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Design Practice Location:

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

J’s Bar Bistro is located at Royal Garden Hotel in Hong Kong. With its authentic and luxury vintage visual identity and special atmosphere, this speak-easy inspired bistro combines several F&B (food and beverage) features. These include a cheese counter, wine cellar and lounge dining area, as well as separated ladies-and-gentlemen’s corners, across from the venue’s imposing focus point – the bar. An attached outdoor terrace allows guests to overview local street life from the elevated bar location on the second floor.

The concept is based on a compilation of memories from a man who travelled around the world. This bar is a collection of all things that moved him, that impressed him and that touched his soul. The inspiration for details comes from all over the world, starting in an old pub in London, a bistro in Paris, a streetscape in Hong Kong and a dance floor in Bali…