Liffey Side

Project Details


KBB Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Designer Kitchen by Morgan

Project Title:

Liffey Side

Project Location:

Dublin, Ireland

Design Practice Location:

Armagh, United Kingdom

The owner of this Dublin property wanted to transform their home by merging three smaller rooms into one larger open plan space. The project was inspired by the distinctive but challenging architecture. The acute arrangement of wall angles and varied ceiling heights became absorbed by the bespoke nature of the design with the island being used to adjust perspective and defuse the complex architecture. The island was designed to levitate on one side, allowing all of the visual weight to teeter upon an angular walnut support that appears to have eroded and removed the entire corner of the monolithic island. The main body of the island is positioned to run parallel with the back wall, with an angular walnut overhang being positioned to run parallel to the opposing living room wall, this arrangement gives the onlooker perspective and allows the opposing angles to merge and make sense visually.