Lounge Grandeur

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Public Space Design Finalist

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Lounge Grandeur

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Taoyuan, Taiwan

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Taoyuan, Taiwan

The Lounge Grandeur is a vivid embodiment of luxurious living and style; it’s a shared lifestyle space in which people love to spend time in. The 100-metre-wide facade of the 29-storey high main building welcomes guests into a generous 4,600-square-metre outdoor water garden. Entering the main building, the grand entrance hall is an oval hub that leads residents as well as visitors into four lounge areas. In this transitional space, the designer aimed to provide light and calm through the use of spherical objects, grills, hanging decoration and glass walls that sunlight can pass through. The interaction between the free-flowing lines, harmonious shapes and layers of ceiling serves as the main design theme. The floral window mesh in the bar area enriches the natural lighting and creates a subtle story within this restful space.