Luminous Wall

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Retail Design Finalist

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Luminous Wall

Project Location:

Beijing, China

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Shanghai, China

This luxury building in Beijing functions a display, sales, and negotiation space. The wall was chosen to define the space, however the designer did not want this wall to be closed, heavy and cold. Instead, as with the structure of the concrete metope (found in classical architecture, a rectangular element that fills the space in a frieze), in this wall hope is discernable and the metope radiates light. The project has two notable features: firstly the Chinese screen. The most representative screen in Chinese architecture is used to define space. In this project the screen is visible through the wall, creating a metope. Secondly, the glowing walls. By installing LED lamps in the space, the light penetrates, casting textures on the floor surface. Through these concepts the designer has achieved their goal: to define the space and achieve visual impact.