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Meander Medical Centre


Healthcare Design Winner

Design Practice:

atelier PRO architekten

Project Title:

Meander Medical Centre

Project Location:

Amersfoort NL

Meander Medical Centre

The overall interior design of this 100,000 m²health care institution is focused around the patient in order to create a healing environment, improving the wellbeing of patients and medical staff. It has been applied in the human scale, interaction, findability, spatial qualities, colours, materials, and a site-specific approach.

The single rooms ensures privacy and the ‘rooming in’ sofa also accommodates patient’s intimate contact to stay over in case this is required for patient’s healing process or wellbeing. Each room offers a view on the green outdoor spaces. The wards invite the patient to walk out of their rooms and enjoy the sitting room spaces with a nature’s view on the surroundings that is strongly felt everywhere.

The use of colour and materials support the clear order and architecture of the large sized building, utilised for atmosphere as well as findability and recognition.

The composition resembles a village with an central avenue. All public areas are visible and accessible from this spine. Around the avenue there are three glass-covered squares, the Brink, the Foyer and the Orangery. Facilities like the restaurant, pharmacy, auditorium and waiting rooms function as orientation landmarks. The spaces provide an overview of the buildings and surroundings, completed with street furniture-like interior elements. In the public squares and along the main avenue, street signs function as entrances to the clinics. The high, light-filled atrium, the Brink, is the ‘living room’ and locates the lunch terrace for staff, visitors and patients and the self-service restaurant below.

Waiting areas are pleasant and informal, open spaces instead of enclosed rooms the Orangery, people can opt for timber garden benches wrapped around kidney-shaped clusters of bamboo or colourful café-style chairs. Lighting is only installed where necessary and supportive to spaciousness and daylight.

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