Mystery Box

Project Details


Residential Apartment Under £1M Finalist

Design Practice:

Project Amadeo

Project Title:

Mystery Box

Project Location:

Moscow, Russia

Design Practice Location:

Riga, Latvia

This apartment is in the heart of the Russian capital and close to the historic street, the Arbat. It was created in neoclassical style with elements of Art Déco. Specially developed acoustic solutions have been used to protect the interior of 200 square metres from the noise of the bustling city. Equipped with sophisticated engineering systems, the apartment appears as if it’s a precious mystery box because the points of access to the systems as well as the storage for everyday items such as clothing and books are embedded in the walls. Non-standard furniture, panels and doors were created from sketches and feature carefully elaborated details. A unique oval dining table with a solar-style veneer pattern has been created especially for this setting. In addition to featuring products from around the world, this project proudly showcases the mastery and skill of Latvian craftsmen.