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Residential House Over £1M Finalist

Design Practice:

LLC J.Lykasova

Project Title:


Project Location:

Minsk, Belarus

Design Practice Location:

Minsk, Belarus

LLC J.Lykasova designed a modern minimalistic interior of a residential house. The homeowners are adepts of minimalistic design, so they wanted to keep the space free from any excessive elements yet fill it in with atmosphere of cosiness and home warmth.

The interior concept is based on well-thought-out, soft, timeless minimalism. A blend of wood, concrete, stone, and metal balanced by neutral shades makes a minimalistic background for artistic architectural forms. The rhythm of the space is driven by a sequence of gypsum panels, drop-down zonal lightning, and laconic brass columns. Bronzed mirrors expand the apartment, reflecting the play of lines and shapes and filling the rooms with air. The house is lit with patterned glim from low windowsills framed with perforated metal panelling.

Natural materials in geometric shapes softened by chic design elements and décor create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, just the one the clients were looking for.

Attend the Awards

Attend the SBID International Design Awards 2020 ceremony at Grosvenor House, Park Lane

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