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Club & Bar Design Finalist

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West Hollywood United States

Step into Poppy and travel through a lush vortex of landscaping into a fashion-inspired atrium, draped in fabrics of an exotic collection. The rose-and-white checkerboard floor, canted on a sweeping angle, pulls guests deeper into a surreal land of mystery and adventure. The vintage fireplace wall speaks to the soul, subconsciously telling tales of past, future, and present. Housed in glass and steel, and entangled with vines, the space generates social energy in preparation for the night’s festivities. A low curved ceiling sheathed in riff-cut white oak sweeps across the room. Tones of laughter cut through wafts of cigar smoke. Vintage, new, familiar and exclusive; the space is ready for all. The library, tall and dense, is filled with thousands of collected tomes and objects. Acid-stained, antique mirrors catch and reflect stray light. Fabric patterns inspired by the latest Paris runways drape the couches throughout the room.