Private Villa – Palm Jumeirah N

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Project Details


Residential Design Over £1M Finalist

Design Practice:

XBD Collective

Project Title:

Private Villa – Palm Jumeirah N

Project Location:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Design Practice Location:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This 16,000-square-foot luxury private villa is located on Palm Jumeirah Frond N, Dubai. The style is high-end contemporary. Design innovation appears specifically in the staircase, and surrounding entrance walls. Emphasis is placed on the main entrance design, living and dining to remain practical, while offering the flexibility to change mood for elegant dinners and entertainment. The diversity of the interior is represented through the adventurous selection of materials and finishes. This includes custom-designed walls in leather, oversized grey mirrors, full-height glass doors and metal mesh-cladded lift. Designer brands such as Fendi, Poliform, Reflex, Ellica, Galotti & Radice and Vittoria Frigerio combined with bespoke joinery. Motion sensor lighting systems, low energy lamps, eco-friendly shower heads and water saving taps all provide environmental and practical solutions.