Georgian Apartment

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Project Details


Residential Apartment Under £1M Finalist

Design Practice:

Ministry of the Interior

Project Title:

Georgian Apartment

Project Location:

Chichester, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

Chichester, United Kingdom

This ten-month total renovation and restoration of the space resulted in a chic bolthole for the client, set away from their London work environment. The project involved replacing and working on every detail. The original floors were removed and replaced, the fireplace was unblocked and restored, the bathrooms were gutted and totally refurbished using bookmatched and rare marbles. The original plasterwork was repaired and copied where necessary, new doors were made to replicate the one untouched original and the apartment was furnished to reflect the Middle-East-born client’s taste, style and, above all, his primary need for comfort and warmth. Additionally, winter and summer bedrooms were created to let the owner enjoy the apartment to its fullest potential. The aim was to totally renovate this apartment to provide a glamorous and very comfortable bolthole for the client, who loves it.