Repsol ON

Project Details


Retail Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Irid Design International

Project Title:

Repsol ON

Project Location:

Madrid, Spain

Design Practice Location:

Miami, United States

The idea behind the design of this project was to boost the shift towards a new culture in which recharging the client´s personal energy is just as important as recharging our vehicle with energy. With this in mind, the space became one in which visitors could recharge and refresh. Key design elements that support this marketing message include: a vertical garden with automated rainwater irrigation; a new seating area in the upper level with fast, free wifi; maximising transparency and reach in terms of the product; digital menu boards for low electrical consumption and online update of content; large HD LED display screens with light sensor and low consumption; touch screen tablets with merchandise information and 100% disabled-accessible facilities (AENOR certified).