Restaurant with a History

Project Details


CGI & Visualisation Finalist

Design Practice:

DALI Design Studio

Project Title:

Restaurant with a History

Design Practice Location:

Kiev, Ukraine

The task was clear: to keep the soul of the space while building a retreat for the creative mind. One of the most important requirements at the start of the design process was to

reopen the historic building to the public. This was achieved by creating a large open space at the heart of the old chapel. In this way this building, which had many roles in the past and has played a crucial part in the lives of so many, can once again spring to life and serve an entire community. As such, the building can act as a source of inspiration for its visitors, many of whom will be inspired. The design studio has combined its expertise in the niche area of accurate lighting visualisation with a mastery of 3D modelling and physically based rendering tools such as Autodesk 3ds Max, V-Ray and Corona Renderer to create photorealistic visuals. The resulting visualisations accurately represent the final project and prove highly effective in communicating design ideas and showing how the restaurant would look.