River Side

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Residential House Under £1M Design Finalist

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River Side

Project Location:

Kiev, Ukraine

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Kiev, Ukraine

The designer wanted to create a harmonious atmosphere and a peaceful space that offers a sense of protection. This house is a place to escape from the city bustle and immerse oneself in a calm, relaxed lifestyle. The interior design is rooted is the exquisite simplicity, elegance and the beauty of everyday life. It is modern and fashionable. The creation of clean shapes has been a guiding principle while the presence of natural wood also influenced the style. The designer has created a house made of eco-materials, surrounded by genuine nature and a river – a home that is alive, breathing and free. The interior is unified by clear, modern, minimalist shapes and clean lines and colours; there is a gentle colour spectrum for walls and furniture in neutral beige and greys. The space is not overloaded with furniture and the bespoke furniture harnesses textures such stone and concrete which complement the wooden elements.