Rosewood Phuket

Project Details


Hotel Public Space Design Finalist

Design Practice:

BAR Studio

Project Title:

Rosewood Phuket

Project Location:

Phuket, Thailand

Design Practice Location:

Melbourne, Australia

This luxury resort combines relaxed, residential-style guest villas with dramatic public areas, four distinct F&B offerings, pool, and spa.  The brief from the client was to create a resort that was not like other resorts. It was to innovate through a unique design language – neither an international design that eschews regionalism, nor an overtly Thai design. The project acknowledges these influences but is something beyond both. Additionally, the client wanted the project to be a model of sustainability. The project achieved a LEED Gold rating; the environmental initiatives (including passive design elements, recycled and reclaimed materials used in many of the buildings and interiors, on-site power generation and water catchment) that underpin the design are all seamlessly integrated into the project. Finally, the environment is a critical design element of the resort, providing the ecosystem that surrounds, sustains and creates the resort.