Sales Center of Huahao Yalong Place

Project Details


Shows Flats & Developments Finalist

Design Practice:

Guangzhou Basic Design Co.

Project Title:

Sales Center of Huahao Yalong Place

Project Location:

Sanya, China

Design Practice Location:

Guangzhou, China

The Sales Center of Huahao Yalong Place is nestled at the foot of a mountain, providing distant mountain views and beautiful surrounding landscapes. The design aims to revitalise the excellence of Chinese architecture and its traditional aesthetic values by achieving ultimate refinement to present the essence of simplicity and by doing so create innovation. The design has soulful outlook and is an elaborate embodiment of ancient architectural values with new design approaches. From magnificence to pristine, refined beauty, from grandeur and solemnity to brightness and sensation, the integration of these values has created a harmonious spatial ambience which is, in some ways, akin to the Forbidden City located in northern China.