Samson Assuta Ashdod University Hospital

Project Details


Healthcare Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Davide Macullo Architects

Project Title:

Samson Assuta Ashdod University Hospital

Project Location:

Ashdod, Israel

Design Practice Location:

Lugano, Switzerland

The new Ashdod hospital is born out of the roots and the culture of Israel; whoever finds himself here, feels at home. The project has been shaped by symbolic design choices that serve, through every detail, to root this new organism to the ground that hosts it. The interior has been developed through the careful consideration of the sensations of both those who find themselves, at critical moments of their lives, in need of care, and of those who work here. This new communal home has been designed through the eyes of all those who will benefit from its services, who will experience important moments in an atmosphere of harmony and joy. The ‘hospital of flowers’ reflects the original shared desire of the team to create an environment even before creating a building. The first and lasting impression of the hospital is one of a landscape in bloom.