Sir Joan Hotel

Project Details


Hotel Bedroom & Suites Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Baranowitz+Kronenberg Architecture

Project Title:

Sir Joan Hotel

Project Location:

Ibiza, Spain

Design Practice Location:

Tel Aviv, Israel

The Sir Joan Hotel was the Ibiza destination for the non-conformists of the 1970s and still home to those who are wild at heart with a burning passion to party and indulge with the best that the island has to offer. It is spatially designed to evoke an inclusive members-only retreat inspired by the maritime tradition of old and new. Staying true to the spirit of the Balearic, anchoring at Sir Joan means anchoring to the bed of a social vessel where space, design, music and culinary are made to measure and hand-stitched. Sir Joan introduces a fresh alternative for what urban retreats could look and feel like in Ibiza. Ibiza has many folds, each one is a world by itself and could serve as the basis to tell great stories. This story converses with the present, past and future of the island.