Stone Penthouse

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Project Details


Residential Apartment Under £1M Finalist

Design Practice:

Luis Design

Project Title:

Stone Penthouse

Project Location:

Owingen, Germany

Design Practice Location:

Owingen, Germany

L= Living; U= Unique; I= Interior; S= Stone. Luis Design loves to work with marble and granite – materials that have been used as architectural status symbols for millennia. The team of designers and engineers was commissioned to create a complete set of furnishings for the client from granite or marble. They believe they have made the impossible possible by designing the entire set of furnishings for this penthouse using these one-of-a-kind materials. All furniture, from kitchen fixtures, couches, sideboards to the beds, cabinets, sinks are crafted in granite or marble. Thanks to a system developed in-house by Luis Design, the client has option to combine each piece of furniture with semiprecious stones, metal, wood, glass, leather and fabric according to their own personal preferences. This allows the customer to own unique pieces that are completely tailor-made to their tastes.