Style of Modern Oriental

Project Details


Residential Apartment Under £1M Finalist

Design Practice:

Blanc Concept

Project Title:

Style of Modern Oriental

Project Location:

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Design Practice Location:

Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

In 2017, Blanc Concept was proudly invited to design a model house built by King’s Town Construction. As the peony signifies Mandarin luxury, a peony flower leather graphic was created and framed in the front entrance hallway. Bold Mandarin-inspired colours and elements of blue and white porcelain were used liberally in the design. The main dining area took a daring approach by using a white totem pattern with dark blue carpet, which provided a sense of stability to all the furnishings. The design team also gave this main living room an awe-inspiring look by employing a variety of materials and soft decoration. In the communal spaces, the blue colour served as the main axis but was complemented with exquisite gold metal tones and blue-and-white porcelain embellishments; thus, the charm of the ‘Modern Oriental’ was born.