Diamond Coast 135

Project Details


Residential Apartment Under £1M Finalist

Design Practice:

C’est La Vie Interior Decoration Design (Tianjin) Co.

Project Title:

Diamond Coast 135

Project Location:

Hai'nan, China

Design Practice Location:

Tanjin, China

This 135 ㎡and 270 ° annulus sea view apartment, which aiming for the modern design style, blending in nature and taste of beauty. It is in the design of function and residential infiltration, soft outfit oriented minimalist style, thus to create a cheerful atmosphere as well as yacht party.

The sofa in the sitting room is like the yacht that gallops on the sea surface. The water ripple that the stern leaves in the sea surface has subtle mark, which continued to spread to the center of carpet.Western kitchen and sitting room are connected as a combination. And the integral white cabinet and bar counter has built the purest line, thus to create a natural contracted space.

Outdoor dining table is set up in the outer balcony space of western kitchen. The gentle wave sound is ceaseless in the ear, while the candle light and champagne builds a romantic feeling.