Sunny Valley Residence

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Project Details


Residential Design Over £1M Finalist

Design Practice:

Bolshakova Interiors

Project Title:

Sunny Valley Residence

Project Location:

Kiev, Ukraine

Design Practice Location:

Kiev, Ukraine

Elegance, sophistication, simplicity, things that come to mind as you enter the residence. The house is filled with colours and collectibles from all over the world, all paintings are from the owner’s personal collection. Through the process of decorating, the designer created a truly individual style. Complex but unique solutions create a truly luxurious interior while classical and modern features combine effortlessly and even the smallest details are brought to perfection. The interior style is largely contemporary and classic, but has an element of flexibility and fluidity. For example, the furniture and marble used in the kitchen design are complemented by uplifting textiles from Hermès. These days it’s not enough to live in a beautiful space, a home needs to be imbued with meaning, and the completion of this residence is a vivid confirmation that perfect interior design must be based on thinking laterally and openly.