Tahoe the Noble Mansion

Project Details


Residential House Under £1M Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Ricky Wong Designers

Project Title:

Tahoe the Noble Mansion

Project Location:

Beijing, China

Design Practice Location:

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

When life is hectic, it’s easy to fall in love with simplicity. This residence combines exquisite design technology, fluent lines and traditional cultural symbolism. There is a smooth flow between the living room and dining room, in order to increase the levels of spaciousness and comfort. The main colour in the space is white, with good use of orange soft furnishings to create the feel of a functional, comfortable and high-quality living space. The dark geometric carpet offers playfulness, echoed in the stone wall beyond the TV wall. The stone wall itself serves as a unique and natural decorative artwork, containing a rich visuality. The pendant light in the dining room is a beautiful focal point. It illuminates the space, transforming the dining experience into one that is vibrant and artistic. The kitchen is equipped with a sliding door, this semi-open design allows the owner to enjoy cooking while close interacting with guests.