The Draycott

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Project Details


KBB Design Finalist

Design Practice:

B3R Architects

Project Title:

The Draycott

Project Location:

London, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

London, United Kingdom

Located in the heart of Chelsea The Draycott is situated on the corner of Draycott Avenue and Draycott Place. The building is half 19th-century Pont Street Dutch style and half mansion block style; within this diverse exoskeleton, 10 unique dwellings have been designed over eight levels. The arrangement of these units deliberately offers a wide mix and variety, from large family apartments through to generous two/three bedroom apartments and compact one/two bedroom pied-à-terres. The brief sought to explore a ‘revival’ concept and reveal an understanding of the unique nature of Chelsea and its special character, from Hans Sloane, the eminent collector, to the Kings Road, the artistic backbone of modern Chelsea.