The Lake Estate House

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Project Details


KBB Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Panetta Design Architects

Project Title:

The Lake Estate House

Project Location:

London, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

London, United Kingdom

The Lake Estate House is located in the eponymous residential district, distinctive for its Edwardian architecture. The aim of this renovation is to create a perfect relationship between functionality and beauty, based on the notion that what is functional is also beautiful. For the bespoke kitchen, the designer created a structure that would bring in additional natural light. The careful use of materials such as wood, metal, ceramic and glass has re-established the relationship with classic bespoke kitchens and their form. Bronze mirror splashbacks provide a major sense of space with the reflection of natural light coming from the six-meter opening. The lighting design is a combination of different effects: spotlights light the space in sections while a central lighting feature, created from single dimmable Bocci N14s set at different heights, provides candlelight-style lighting in the social area.