Lavazza Experience & Innovation Centre

Project Details


Restaurant Design Finalist

Design Practice:

JHP Design

Project Title:

Lavazza Experience & Innovation Centre

Project Location:

Milan, Italy

Design Practice Location:

London, United Kingdom

JHP was commissioned by Lavazza to design an immersive flagship experience with a premium positioning and an innovative journey to discover coffee in all its forms and manifestations. With Lavazza’s target customers being coffee lovers who seek quality and experience, JHP was tasked to take Lavazza’s worldwide brand-building to another level, going beyond the third waves of coffee presentation and celebrating Lavazza’s history and spirit of innovation. The Lavazza flagship store is a multisensory pathway that reveals all the nuances of the brand through numerous traditional and new coffee preparation methods. Its focal point is an elliptical central bar with a spectacular chandelier that resembles the shape of a large coffee bean and consists of 260 smaller beans. Located in the iconic Piazza San Fedele, a place in the heart of Milan that combines history and modernity, the store’s location is as premium and prestigious as it gets.