The Pure Spa

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Project Details


Healthcare Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Funvo Design

Project Title:

The Pure Spa

Project Location:

Kunming, China

Design Practice Location:

Kunming, China

Being ecological, healthy and natural in its ethos, this project required design that reflected values of art, ease and purity. The interior features a large area of white surfaces, designed to achieve the ultimate minimalism. The outer surface of the original building is maintained as far as possible. The shape of each wall, and the setting of each light and piece of art, is the key to the construction of the space. At the same time, the use of white acts as the protagonist for the structure and visual hierarchy. The design of the spa is unique in the local area and does not follow the commonly found southeast Asian and Chinese styles. Instead, it adopts a simple and neat design, which saves on cost and has been very well received.