Tianjin China North Island B Type Villa

Project Details


Residential Design Over £1M Finalist

Design Practice:

David Chang Design Associates International

Project Title:

Tianjin China North Island B Type Villa

Project Location:

Beijing, China

Design Practice Location:

Tianjin, China

An American neo-classical design concept lays a keynote of both comfort and functions for the overall space. Borrowed from the traditional Chinese aesthetic idea depicted in the Tang Dynasty poem With lengthening daytime, the scenic landscape emanates plant aroma amid the spring breeze, the design adopts modern, fashionable elements to brighten the space and create the feature of squareness and beauty. The villa has a spacious and grand structure, which strives to represent the classic Western approach of axial symmetry in a 3D view and a balance of size and proportion. The lifted building structure and the supporting framework deliver a sense of bold heroism exclusive to the first-generation pioneers. It can be traced to architecture form in ancient Greece since it highlights clear lines and graceful decoration. Meanwhile, it integrates the European luxury and elegance, American freedom and progressiveness, and Chinese solemnity and exquisiteness – all of which showcase a fresh, smooth and bright style.