Tom Bradley International Terminal (LAX)

Project Details


Public Space Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Fentress Architects

Project Title:

Tom Bradley International Terminal (LAX)

Project Location:

Angeles, United States

Design Practice Location:

Denver, United States

The new Tom Bradley International Terminal reinvents Los Angeles as the gateway to America. The elevated design blends grand-scale architectural elements with the intimacy of human scale, while interweaving the essence of the city into every facet of the project to establish a sense of place. The aesthetic focuses on the wave-like roofline inspired by the overlapping waves of the Pacific Ocean, creating an architectural icon that reflects the city’s diversity and beauty. An Integrated Environmental Media System (IEMS) harmonises with the terminal’s interior architecture. The multimedia system displays artistically-curated short films that celebrate the romance of travel and highlight Los Angeles’s unique personality as a world-leading creative hub, reinforcing passengers’ sense of place and enhancing the airport experience.