UK South Coast Residence

Project Details


Residential House Under £1M Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Iggi Interior Design

Project Title:

UK South Coast Residence

Project Location:

South Coast, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

Ockley, United Kingdom

This beach house was created for a family who expressed a strong desire for the design to include lots of colour along with spaces for both the adults and children to have their own private space without being too disconnected from each other. The bright colours and stunning views make for a wonderful place to enjoy some time together with family and friends and the open plan design ensures an unobstructed flow within the main area of the property. Particular elements, such as the introduction of polished concrete was key to this project as it’s very easy to clean and hard wearing – important as guests will be in and out often. The feature stainless steel slide, which runs from the games room upstairs into the living room was a fun element to add and highlights the playful manner of this family.