Volumetric Connections

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Residential Design Over £1M Finalist

Design Practice:

Blainey North

Project Title:

Volumetric Connections

Project Location:

Sydney, Australia

Design Practice Location:

Sydney, Australia

Sometimes the appearance of simplicity is arrived at through a complex set of architectural and interior moves – as was the case with this impressive three-storey waterside residence in Sydney’s Rose Bay. Working closely with architects, Blainey curated a strong monochromatic interior with an emphasis on materiality, textures, fine detailing and overarching interior concepts that manipulated the atmosphere of the spaces. The undisputed hero of the house is the dining, kitchen, living room – a vast space which faces the water and the marble clad pool – in which the coffered ceiling treatment echoes each designated zone. In a subtle iteration, lines of brass are set into the polished concrete floor setting up a grid that draws the eye through the space. Custom-made pieces, such as the massive marble coffee tables, anchor the room and add a bold geometric note that is picked up in the soft furnishings.