Wild Abode

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Public Space Design Finalist

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Wild Abode

Project Location:

Toronto, Canada

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Toronto, Canada

Wild Abode, original concept and commissioned by Great Gulf, with design by Community Agency and Stacklab presents an abstracted representation of a house being gradually overgrown by a nascent pine forest. At the centre of the 60-square-metre exhibit, a twig-wrapped base-building column acts as the figurative tree trunk. Suspended around it were the ‘leaves’: 4,085 glass test tubes, filled with soil and pine saplings, hanging from a CNC-milled birch plywood trellis bolted to the existing concrete ceiling. The Lightframe display system integrates programmable multi-colour LEDs within reconfigurable structural aluminum modules, allowing for infinitely customisable spatial forms and lighting patterns. That attribute was exploited to make Wild Abode an immersive, multisensory experience, with slowly undulating waves of light from the LEDs timed to simulate a body’s breathing and heartbeat.