Yoga Studio YYoga

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Project Details


Healthcare Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Vill-Na Buro

Project Title:

Yoga Studio YYoga

Project Location:

Kiev, Ukraine

Design Practice Location:

Kiev, Ukraine

The clients set a technical brief to design a studio for hot yoga. A distinctive feature of this yoga is a high temperature exceeding 42 degrees as well as high humidity. Two colours from the brand book were chosen: gold and purple to symbolise the calmness and purity of the goal of the visual design. To promote a tranquil and modern feel, ancient symbols and rituals were implemented in the present-day design. New partitions were built of special brick with emphasised texture. In the main hall, the studio’s brand symbol, a mandala, was carved into a wall making it the centre of a relaxation podium. Light gently scatters through circles of matt acrylic with a thin overlap of plywood. The aim was a clean and light interior, without unnecessary noise, where the atmosphere is the main component of the space.