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Yota HQ


Architect Winner

Design Practice:


Project Title:

Yota HQ

Project Location:

Moscow, Russia

Design Practice Location:

St Petersburg, Russia

Yota HQ

The Moscow o­ffice of internet-company Yota was designed by St.Petersburg architect’s bureau ARCHIDO. Facilities for company executives: offices, reception, conference room and dining-room, became the most distinguished part of the o­ffice. In VIP-area architects created spacious, light and communication-friendly interiors. Not only were the comfortable conditions aimed at by the architects, but the innovation, sociability and friendliness of the team. The o­ffice is situated at the 2nd ‑floor of the new business center. One of the main tasks was to secure the easy communication between departments.

The office renders global values. The character of facilities is emphasized by architectural logic, area logistic, classical objects of contemporary design and gradual usage of color, texture and fabric, from one dimension to another, leaving the décor behind.

The VIP-area, being the part of the o­ffice’s working space, is situated in the area of trapezium and bow’s semicircle. It has an open access for foreign business associates, top-managers and company staff. All the other facilities of VIP-area: reception hall for assistants, CEO’s offi­ce, VIP dining-room with kitchen and President’s o­ffice, had geometrically regular shapes. The reception hall is communicated with all the facilities of VIP-area, which are placed in space symmetry with dominant axis of the conference room. Having just entered the VIP-area a visitor would see the austere architecture and area logic.

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